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Test your iron levels at home in 10 minutes with our at-home test kit.

Discover the convenience and accuracy of Chromacare®'s at-home Ferritin test kits. Easily test your Ferritin levels in the comfort of your own home and get accurate results within minutes.

Testing at a lab is slow.

Many people can wait weeks to get a simple test result back - even if they should be taking immediate actions.

Other "At-Home" solutions still require you to mail your results in.

Though other "home wellness tests" exist, they still require you to mail in your results for analysis.

Testing can be expensive.

The cost for lab testing is high, and paid either out of pocket, insurance, or by taxpayers - our tests are designed to be affordable and reduce the burden on our healthcare system.

The Problem

You shouldn't need to visit a lab for basic wellness testing.

Get an accurate reading with the Chromacare App®

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We're on a mission to help people reclaim their health and wellness journey to live higher quality, proactive lives.

About Chromacare Labs®

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Our test kits will be ready for purchase in Fall 2024. Sign up to be notified when our products are available.

  • Do I need to visit a medical center for this test?
    No. Once they become available, you can order them directly on our website, and have them delivered wherever you'd like.
  • Can I share my results with my doctor?
    Yes - In fact, we've built that feature right into our app.
  • How often should I be testing myself?
    This depends on your individual needs. Please consult a medical professional with any testing frequency questions.
  • What other wellness or biomarker tests do you offer?
    As of today, we are only able to provide a Ferratin test. However, we are working towards a series of biomarker tests that can be measured through our app.
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